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If you want a different result, make a different choice

Everything in your life is a result of a choice you have made.⠀

Raise your emoji hand if you ever fallen victim to the ‘more is more’ cyclone when it comes to anything that will contribute to a calorie deficit? ⠀

I know I have. ⠀

If you’re unsure, I am talking about things like...⠀

❌Wearing sore muscles and painful joints like a badge of honor.⠀

❌Skipping recovery days because your cardio ‘relieves stress.’⠀

❌Hitting your macros with zero regard for how that food actually makes you FEEL.⠀

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I would ask you to consider this question:⠀

👉 Could you be someone who has felt wrecked for so long, that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel good?⠀


If you think I am talking to you, I probably am.⠀

Or maybe there’s no question in your mind, you identify 100%.⠀

If you’re feeling trapped, go back to the basics. Remember the pillars holding up your health:⠀





Movement ⠀

If you’re managing any fewer than all 5 of these, but worried about advanced strategies like calorie cycling, fasting or supplementation, you missing the forest through the trees.⠀

There is no quick-fix solution, but there is a way out of feeling like hell. And it starts with the basics. Sometimes what we need most is just a hard reset.⠀

As with any goal, it’s never a linear process, free from bumps along the road. It still takes mindset work, intention and consistency. ⠀

Accountability can help. If you need that support, hire a coach - even if only for a pep talk to help you find your way again. I am here for that!⠀

Please don’t continue to watch your health circle the drain in hopes that your abs will be poppin’ by summer if you just cut for ‘a few more weeks.’ ⠀

How’s that worked out in the past?⠀

If you want a different result, make a different choice.⠀

If you’ve never made it a goal, it might be time to choose health. Not only will aesthetics will be so much easier to achieve in your next phase, but you’ll very likely find yourself LOVING what it feels like to fire on all cylinders again.⠀

Tell me below...what’s one thing you will do for yourself TODAY to support a lagging health marker?

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