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If an overachiever does something in the absence of recognition, did it even happen?

As I dig into the Messy Middle narrative in my upcoming project, I share not only WHAT I have done to bridge me to this new space, but HOW I have done it.⁠

Most elusive for many is meditation. And I get it. It’s not an immediate dopamine hit. It’s not flashy. ⁠

So here I am, in my night driving glasses and old lady sweater, unapologetically bringing UNsexy back.⁠

What I love about mediation is how DIFFERENT it is from any other tool one might use to hit a goal. There is no foundational ‘law of spirituality’ to be achieved in order to see success. There is no right or wrong. There is no way to mess it up or be optimal or suboptimal.⁠

There is only your practice and your evolution of it. ⁠

Might you become more efficient in time? Find it easier to slip into a state of awareness? Experience fewer distracting thoughts during your practice? ⁠

Sure. ⁠

But the beauty of meditation is that however you are doing it in the present moment, is exactly how it is supposed to be done. The magic lies within the truth that all the boundaries and benchmarks cease to exist. There are no awards, before/after photos or external vanity metrics motivating you to continue. ⁠

It teaches you to do something entirely nonjudgmental by yourself, for yourself. Then receive what comes from living in an emotionally intelligent space. ⁠

The fact that you are no longer in a place where there is any evidence of success or failure, pioneers a new kind of freedom and peace. One that many of those who need meditation most, have never experienced because of motivation sourced from a place of fear, judgement or a need for recognition.⁠

You can’t work your way out of those dysfunctional drivers through learning and understanding. You will however, find freedom and peace through acceptance. If we could ‘think’ our way out of suffering we would have done it by now! The unsexy truth is to instead create space for acceptance.⁠

Make a regular practice of being present with yourself, your core emotions, and you’ll receive your body saying ‘thank you for being human today.’⁠

To name a few: ——> Peace ——> Gratitude ——> Joy ——> Freedom —-> Creativity⁠

Are you willing to try?⁠

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