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I'll never forget this day...

I’ll never forget the day I had to stand for that ‘before’ picture. I felt lost, defeated and incapable of change. ⠀

What if in that moment, rather than being about to embark on 7 day/week cardio-with-weights workouts and limited calories, I had a plan tailored to ME and my lifestyle that did not include over-stressing my already taxed body?⠀

How would it feel to...⠀

✨have confidence in YOUR plan?⠀

✨see progress - that is sustainable - by working at YOUR unique sweet spot rather than circling the drain from exhaustion?⠀

✨prioritize efficacy over a misguided perception of efficiency, marketed to you by diet culture?⠀

Recently I read a quote from Kenichi Ohmae: "Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction."⠀

That’s right. ‘Try harder’ is feedback you tell yourself when you don’t understand the power you have within to affect change in your life!⠀

This is what Macros 101 teaches. So now, let me ask you:⠀

How would it feel to... ⠀

✨be EMPOWERED with not only the tools but the understanding of how to USE them within the context of your own life⠀

✨know how to hit any goal you can dream up ⠀

✨have a plan for what happens AFTER you’ve hit that goal⠀

These are the core principles I am passionate about coaching and teaching my clients. ⠀

Guess who I learned them from? 😉 ⠀

As much as I want to coach everyone who comes my way, candidly, I am not scaled for this. I am working to someday make this a reality!! But Amber has nailed this process beyond measure, and there is no other coaching experience like it.⠀

If this resonates with you, registration is open, and along with any bonus @biceps.after.babies is offering, I will be sharing an exclusive 20% off code to anyone who signs up with my referral. All you need to do is note my name and I’ll be notified so I can get you that discount, which can be used for anything in my Shopify store OR a future 1:1 consult or call with me!⠀ ⠀

That transformation you can’t see? ⠀

Took place in my mind. Took place when I understood how to apply the feedback I was getting to create results. Took place when I finally had a plan unique to ME 🎁

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