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I know places.

A memory I had to create for myself as tribute to Colorado, and some reflective thoughts as our trip is so close to coming to an end…

I asked the girls what we’ve learned from hiking. According to:

- Tess: Pop tarts are the best hiking fuel (and really, the only reason one would want to hike in the first place)

- Elle: Everyone wants to hold Redstone on the upward climbs and if you can’t hold Red, then you should hold Mom’s hand

- Anna: Setting an intention at the beginning of the hike helps us remember why we started

Colorado you bring out the best in all of us.

You are MY PLACE.

Do you have a place that allows you to sink out of your head and into your heart? I’d love to know.

If not, let’s chat about that! No one says it has to be a vacation destination - in fact I have taken trips here when I’ve felt massively triggered. But I kept leaning into the vibe that I knew grounded me most, and today I can genuinely say I’ve never felt so much clarity.

I can’t physically come to MY PLACE every day. But I can harness the energy my place gives me.

And THAT is my intention for this trip - to transfer the physical energy into the mental.

And not forget, I know places.

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