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I have never shared this about myself before!

Vulnerability time! ⠀

The words below pulled verbatim from a scrappy email to my own coach on March 24th of this year, when she challenged me to identify my WHY:⠀




🌿Because I care about myself after being at the bottom of the list for decades⠀

🌿Because I love the way it feels to want to look in the mirror rather than avoid it⠀

🌿Because the weight of regret is heavier than anything else I’ve ever carried around⠀

🌿Because my kids are watching and I know the stakes have never been higher⠀

🌿Because I love feeling confident in my skin; it empowers me and gives me confidence I never had until I was 40 years old. I won’t give that up.

🌿 Because it allows my daughters see a woman whom I am proud to embody - in mindset and integrity. I see my habits in their actions and hear my words in their voices - in all the best ways.

🌿Because it means I am the person in charge of my life - I am not a victim - and I do what I say I am going to do.⠀



. ⠀

You see, the specific goals don’t really matter here. Mine are different than yours and yours should be different than hers.⠀

What matters, is what is PULLING me to them.⠀

Those three girls up there? They are my air. And I know there is more at stake than my own self-esteem if I don’t have my life together here. ⠀

But as you read above, it isn’t all about them. My own investment in myself, FOR MYSELF, allows me to be a better human. For them and everyone I encounter.⠀

Let go of whatever in your current environment is PUSHING you. ⠀

Instead, lean into the pull. That’s where you’ll find your why. Dig deep. It is that PULL that will keep you going when things get rough and you want to quit. ⠀

Don’t look at the ground, look at the skyline. That’s the direction you want to go.⠀

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