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How to choose your own strength training program

Here are my top 4 tips on how to choose a training program PLUS the biggest mistake I see people making….

1. Know your goal. You chase two rabbits you catch none, so focus on one thing at a time. I promise you’ll hit your long term goal WAY faster if you properly phase your training.

2. Be realistic in your plan to execute gym sessions. If you barely have time to walk the dog, don’t pick up a 5 day/week program.

3. What gets measured gets managed. How will you track progress? I love pen-to-paper but if you are a one-stop-shop kind of person, look for a trainer who has an app with tracking capabilities to keep it simple. Bonus if you get 1:1 time or a FB community to share form videos.

4. Last for a reason, because if the top three are DONE, then this is mostly icing on the cake. But look for someone you vibe with; if they aren’t working hard to produce content and you keep seeing a variety of vacations and booty shots peppered between the same exercises, look again.

I’ll share a few trusted trainers I’ve used: @mindpumpmedia@syattfitness@codymcbroom@madeline_moves@drjohnrusin@carolineofenstein but the list by no means ends here!

OH and the biggest mistake? Thinking that what is right for anyone but the person standing in your shoes, is right for you. So take the time to evaluate YOUR needs based on YOUR goals and YOUR life.

If you have a favorite trainer, I’d love to share with the community! Let us know WHY too!

Link the the reel here

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