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How I plan my day when I have a special event

One of the benefits to habitually eating high protein and adjusting carbs/fat as I like in each meal, is that when a special event comes around, it is super simple to manipulate the rest of my day and allow for an untracked meal. ⠀

Personally, I tend to prefer most of my fat/carb macros at night in the form of chocolate, or most recently buttered air-popped popcorn, so I never need to do much to pave the way for what I know will be an indulgent, carefree dinner.⠀

How I planned the day:⠀

Preworkout:#zpoalways with@cocoabarinajarand coffee⠀

Postworkout: massive salad with cucumbers, chicken, broccoli, parmesan cheese whisps and + the BEST@g2gbar

Lunch:@cutdacarbGreen Monster Crunchwrap (check my highlights for the ‘recipe’)⠀

Pre-dinner snack: yogurt/jello bowl with only the puffed rice cereal - no extra toppings; wanted to keep it light so I would still be hungry, but wouldn’t walk into the restaurant ready to order 6 appetizers⠀

By this point in the day my macros were about here: 120C/22F/120P for 1160 calories⠀

Because my minimum protein was hit no problem, heading into dinner I had this left to play with: 112C/50F = 900 calories⠀

{I had also planned for a late-night shake - 19C/3F/23P - if I wanted it..which I did!}⠀

Dinner at the restaurant included an array of charred veggies (cooked in oil), Thai chicken wraps, a stir fry (steak, fries, mac and cheese for my husband) and we split THE most delicious flourless chocolate cake.⠀

Did all that add up to what I had planned? No idea. Also no problem. It was good enough.⠀

So a lot of this looks like what you see in my stories every day! I am a creature of habit, love the food I eat, and I find that it serves me well in this sustainable lifestyle.⠀

BONUS: it is NEVER hard to weave in and out of celebratory meals or vacations as they arise because really, 90% I’m eating what I love which also happens to fit my macros. I always look forward to the next day!⠀

(This may be the biggest takeaway - take the time to ways to make and plan foods you love that also align with yoru goals….I have a book for that ☺️ linked in my linktree)⠀

Drop your questions and I’ll answer in stories!

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