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How I enjoy my time away....

I was very fortunate to have some time to escape and reflect in the past 24 hours on so many things I am thankful for.⠀

I want to start this by saying that I'm very grateful for this beautiful community. I feel inspired everyday to be better and to do better not only in my business but in my personal life too.⠀

In the past, a shake up in schedule or night away from home could really set me off course. ⠀

But after years of working to establish good habits, I am very fortunate to be in a place where I can embrace the experience for what it is truly about. ⠀

This time, it was connecting with friends and making memories with our kids. ⠀

Sure there were plenty of fun foods in the day I don’t normally consume, but what I do MOST of the time matters so much more what happens in one afternoon, right? (If it applies to me, it applies to you too)⠀

Here are three things I did to enjoy my time, keep pace with my goals and contribute to the experience. ⠀

1- Claim responsibility for one meal; not only will your hosts appreciate this, but you get to plan something you know will align with your goals. This time we chose to pick up@chipotlecatering for 10 - an easy, customizable, crowd pleaser of a lunch. This could have also been done more affordably by batch making some shredded protein and grabbing all the fixings for a taco bar.⠀

2- Committed to an untracked day. Did I go over my fat + carb targets in the form of ice cream, creamy dips, puppy chow (is this just a Midwest thing?) and tortilla chips? Absolutely. But I know I hit my protein and ONE day of overshooting maintenance calories -even by a lot- does NOTHING long term. I am coming home to a rest day today and I feel great about it. Hello recovery.⠀

3- When I say I committed to AN untracked day, I mean it. I still have goals. I brought a pre-logged slice of Zucchini Pumpkin Oat bar for my breakfast and enjoyed it with a cup of coffee after an early morning walk. Then returned home to my regular salad for lunch. Just because I woke up at the lake didn’t mean I was going to roll right into having a repeat of the day. ⠀

If I had planned a long weekend or a full vacation, I’m sure how I executed the day wouldn’t have varied much. Start strong in the AM and leave room for the fun stuff later is how I like to roll. ⠀

But each week I aim to enjoy one untracked meal anyway, just for the sake of lifestyle balance. This day was really no different, other than the fact I had no idea what dinner would be...and that was fine!⠀⠀

(For the record, it was a homemade, breadcrumb topped macaroni and cheese and I was totally there for it. I would have taken more pictures of all the good eats, but see sentence#5above...)

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