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Hilarious, Precarious and Unpredictable

I remember so vividly taking this photograph. It was a perfect reflection of my life in the moment - hilarious, precarious and unpredictable.⠀ Any parent out there understands the phrase ‘the days are long but the years are short.’⠀ But what I can see now, viewing it through the lens of my own personal growth, is perspective on the slow and steady transformation of my goals, habits, relationships, convictions, even standards for excellence. ⠀ Sometimes I have to grind to make it though a day or a week, seeming to move at a glacial pace.⠀ Then, just like that, it’s a new month, season, year. And things have changed. We’ve all grown ✨⠀ So keep showing up. Keep chipping away at your goals. When you go off course, start again. ⠀ ⚡️Motivation is temporary, but will be fueled by action, so just do the hard thing in the hard moment⚡️⠀ Think about the person you want to be in a month, in January or a year from now. Consider what that version of you would do....and chase that action.⠀ Today, regardless of what I am doing, my life is still hilarious, precarious and unpredictable. But how those descriptors apply now...Seems to have changed in a blink. And that bathtub you see behind me? No longer requires a lifeguard on duty 💦🙏⠀ What is one hard thing you can do today, to help yourself tomorrow?

October 15, 2019

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