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Helping or Hurting? There is may be a fine line.

Anyone whose ever ‘aced’ a fat loss phase, then taken it just a little too far knows one of the best kept secrets in diet culture:

The things that make the deficit easier and more successful, can also be hardest to recover from.

There are so many tools coaches, myself included, share to help people achieve fat loss. But just like any tool, they can be used to build a house or break a window.

Macros is the obvious one because when executed well, it is hands down the most efficient way to achieve fat loss or body recomposition.

But what else? Think things like:

Artificial sweeteners

Protein powder

Lack of variety

99% consistency

Adequate fiber+

All these certainly help move the needle on fat loss when you’re in a state of hunger or having cravings. It’s nice to feel satisfied in a dieting phase and every one of those things can help with that, while allowing you to remain in a deficit.

And if the goal if to lose fat enjoyably, on as many calories as possible, in the most efficient way, every one of those tools will support that, especially alongside macro tracking. But…

Plot twist.

They can also be like putting your metabolic health on a credit card that you’re going to have to pay back. With interest. Trust me I’ve been there.

You can still use all these tools (IF they appeal to you - this is not dieting dogma), get results and NOT turn your internal health into a dumpster fire.

It’s actually pretty simple if you listen to your body.

If you’re super lean, and just trying to lose ‘those last 5lbs’ know that your time here is finite. If after 4-6 weeks you’ve been adherent and seen NO changes, THAT is your body’s way of saying you’re done. Push me and I’ll push back. Hold my beer.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you likely have a much greater ability to recover from dieting stressors, and your body will respond by losing fat for a longer period of time.

But the point is, no one should practice fat loss tactics forever. And certainly not in maintenance - which is THE most important phase.

If you’re stuck here, maybe take some time to work some of these tools OUT and cast a wider net on the habits you let back in.


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