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Full day of eating - low fiber EXPERIMENTAL learning edition

Full day of eating - low fiber EXPERIMENTAL learning edition

Pre workout: 260g Zucchini Pumpkin Oat Bars + 5g @cocoabar + fish oil supplement (I track this) 270cals/30C/6F/23P

Rather than the fast digesting post workout meal I usually have, today was a @g2gbar with coffee because I had a client call right after training: 300cals/25C/14F/18P - the G2G is a staple (code KatieC saves you 20% if it is for you too), but usually it comes later in the day so I can refuel optimally with higher carbs post-training. But it all shakes out in the day, so I call it good!

Lunch (this is usually my fast digesting post workout meal): Butter lettuce, white rice, cucumbers, 200g of a veggie casserole I scraped together with odds and ends in my fridge! This is the ‘hot’ part of my daily salad and sometimes it is rainbow chili or stuffed pepper bake or chicken taco bake - I use whatever I have on hand! So much flavor, no dressing needed: 336cals/67C/2F/15P

Snack: Lightened Up Cake Pop Blondie, always with @pescience protein (code: Katie saves 15%) 343cals/34C/8F/33P

Dinner: @cutdacarb wrap filled with 135g egg whites, 10 oz butternut squash, handful of greens and tons of seasoning (see my crunchwrap highlight to see what I use) 335cals/55C/1F/27P

Dessert: @lilysswets dark chocolate bar: 420cals/44C/26F/4P

Nightcap: Protein fluff with 16g PBfit and a sprinkle of @hiitnutrition jet black cocoa powder (recipe compliments of @kelseyjfit check her highlight for details): 190cals/18C/4F/24P

TOTALS: 2180 Cals/273C/61F/144P/33 Fiber

So this particular day it was not necessarily low volume, but it was low fiber! I was trying to outsmart the system and spoiler alert...didn’t work.

Digestion felt good ALL DAY until I added in the fluff about 90 min before bedtime- which tasted amazing but was just too much. Next time I will do a couple rice cakes, egg whites and laughing cow cheese to hit the same macros but without the xantham gum (this is what creates the volume).

Truly, I knew better, but was curious as to how it would feel to be low fiber but still high volume! Turns out I need to balance BOTH; one or the other is not enough. I felt fine (no discomfort) and even looked the same the next morning, but knew I could have felt better, leaner and avoided any belly rumbling altogether.

My schedule has changed with quarantine. I have been eating before I train, staying up later and therefore wanting something around 8pm, when in the past I would be crawling into bed at this time, to be rested enough for a 5am workout.

So I am still trying to solve for all these adjustments WHILE I make these changes.

I am very much into all trial and error, and while I know I CAN honestly assess my biofeedback, my coach Caroline 🙌 holds me accountable so I am guaranteed to follow through on the actions that align with my goals, even if I don’t feel like it!

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