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Full Day of Eating: Grazing style

Full day of eating - grazing style, in maintenance!⠀

This is how I do it on days when I don’t quite know how the day will unfold. Normally in maintenance I wouldn’t track an odd day like today....recipe testing, celebrating my parents anniversary, holiday weekend, but I thought it would be interesting to see how it landed for me!⠀

Turns out I fell much lower than I thought I would at under 2000 calories, which is a pattern I’ve found now that I have been in maintenance for years. Untracked days are just easier to manage.⠀

So no I don’t encourage breaking up your eating like this; on a day with ANYTHING else going on, it would have been totally inconvenient; but I do encourage you to take whatever your day has in store for you and understand that you CAN make it work!⠀

Breakfast: NEW RECIPE on the horizon for {Coconut Flour} Pumpkin Mocha Cake - omg if you like sweet this one will be for you!! Probably not qualifiable as breakfast but this was calling my name! For sure on my Thanksgiving menu if I am allowed to say that already.⠀

240 cals/14C/14F/14P - how is that for a macro balanced meal?!⠀

Mid Morning: favorite Fall salad with delicata squash, cucumbers, shredded Mexican chicken and lots of greens + fish oil vitamin⠀

255 cals/36C/3F/21P⠀

Recipe Photography - just too good not to eat, so I had 350g of the Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti Squash:⠀

249 cals/22C/5F/29P⠀

Lunch came a little later than usual and was two Green Monster Crunchwraps:⠀

310 cals/40C/2F/32P⠀

Dinner was split in two parts:⠀

Part 1: Healthy Chicken Chili over greens (at this time I didn’t yet know what part 2 would be)⠀

205 cals/26C/2F/20P⠀

Part 2: Cake time to celebrate my parents - I chose a lightened up version of the cake pop blondie: ⠀

283 cals/31C/7F/24P⠀

Could I have enjoyed that beautiful ice cream cake? Sure! I had plenty of fat and carbs left, but the cake pop blondie just sounded better to me and I knew it would make me feel better. A couple hours later I finished off the night with one of my favorites:⠀

Lily’s Original Dark Chocolate Bar⠀

400 cals/44C/26F/4P⠀

If you guessed cals when I shared this slide in stories yesterday, were you right?

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