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Friday Afternoon Surprises

Friday afternoon surprises 💝 ⠀ A little off topic but I was getting some questions about things we do!⠀ My husband works Friday nights, which makes it Girls Night in our house. I schedule nothing in an effort to carve out some space to do a fun activty, which often leads to some of our BEST memories and conversations. ⠀ Sometimes it’s as basic as ruining dinner with some 3pm ice cream. Once it was so major that we brought home a puppy!⠀ Some other actives we’ve had a good time doing:⠀ ⭐️Painting pottery ⠀ ⭐️Make your own pizzas⠀ ⭐️Kids cooking class⠀ ⭐️Painting rocks and leaving them around town⠀ ⭐️Baking cookies⠀ ⭐️Rock climbing gym⠀ ⭐️Surprising Dad at work⠀ It always ends with popcorn and a movie - last night (no school today and Dad was at the Packer game) it was ELF and #noregrets because let’s be honest, it’s never too early. ⠀ Every time I watch it, I swear I find a new favortie line. Last night we were dying over: ‘Son of NUT-cracker!’ Swipe for our other favories 😂⠀ What’s your favorite movie quote?

September 27. 2019

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