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FREE Macro Setting Guide

Before you throw in the towel with macro counting out of confusion or inability to hire a coach, I encourage you to give it a shot!⠀

You will not only find progress will be made with ANY set of numbers in a deficit, but you’ll also gather heaps of information about next steps, simply taking action.⠀

There are lots of calculators online - no one better than the other in my opinion - that will help you determine your current maintenance. But the BEST way to do this is to simply track your current intake for 2 solid weeks. This is worth the time investment to help determine what a reasonable - minimal effective dose - deficit would be.⠀

Once you’ve found your maintenance calories, consider dropping by around 20% (I would consider this aggressive) to achieve results that will trend downward OVER TIME (not day to day).⠀

For example:⠀

150lb woman ⠀

Current intake 2000 calories⠀

20% deficit = 1600 calories⠀

Protein: 150g (4 cals/g) = 600cals⠀

Fat: .3-.35x 150lb BW = 45-52g; I would make this 50 = 450cals ⠀

Carbs: 1600 target - 600 - 450 = 550 cals/4cals per carb = approx 138g⠀





1610 cals⠀

Alternately, if a ‘target weight’ was an easier place for this avatar to start, she could also skip the tracking and begin here:⠀

135lb target weight = 135x12 = 1620 cals/day⠀

You can see the deficit is very similar.⠀

The point here is this:⠀

PERFECTION should NOT be your barrier to entry.⠀


Quit finding all the reasons NOT to take action.⠀

There are lots of things you probably don’t feel like doing, but you do them anyway because they are priorities. ⠀

Give your health goals the same respect.⠀

Accept your hesitation then do it anyway.⠀ Save this post for a rainy day and let me know...helpful?

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