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For the LOVE of peanut butter, CANNOT stop talking about G2G's why:

Elle’s face when I told her each of the first round of Macro StarterKit boxes would include an entire @g2gbar variety pack!⠀

Have you tried this often-imitated, never-duplicated protein bar masquerading as a cookie 😂?⠀

Here’s why I’m obsessed and for the LOVE of peanut butter, CANNOT stop talking about them:⠀

❤️You won’t find better ingredients in a bar which means you’ll also never find one that tastes this good. ⠀

🧡 If you are a fan of the no-bake cookie, I challenge you to taste one side-by-side against the G2G - make fun and do it blind with your kids. See if you can tell which one doesn’t have a boatload of sugar and packs 18 grams of protein!⠀

💛The FLAVORS! Here they are in my order of favorites: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, PB Fruit Nut, Almond Chocolate Chip, Almond Fruit Nut, PB Coconut Chocolate, Almond Coconut, PB Banana chocolate - something for EVERYONE 💕⠀

💚 These are the ultimate hunger eraser - paired with a cup of coffee it kicks any craving I have into next week.⠀

💙 They are beautifully macro-balanced which contributes to satiety AND helps me hit my fat goals - as someone who loves high carb/protein meals, this is my favorite snack to keep me balanced.⠀

💜 Fresh ingredients. These bars are shelf stable for a month, but I like to keep mine in the fridge during the summer months, then let it get a little melty in the warm sunshine....seriously dreamy.⠀

🤍 Versatility - it’s great to have them as a grab-and-go option when I’m on the run, but swipe to see my favorite way to really enjoy them...makes me feel like I’m eating a dozen cookie bites.⠀

If you didn’t snag one of the first 50 boxes that will include this AWESOME treat, rest assured you can still get a great deal (20% off your order!) if you use code: KatieC at checkout.⠀

What do you think?! Is surprise goody #1 in the first-run 50 KickStarter Boxes what you thought it would be?! ⠀

Each batch of boxes will have a slightly different make up of BONUS goodies!!⠀

Stay tuned for more in this one!⠀

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