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Finding...and FEELING at Peace

That feeling of being totally at peace.⠀

Do you know it?⠀

For years I thought it came from things like a glass of wine, a massage, an indulgent dessert, even a hug from my kids.⠀

All things that either filled my cup or numbed me a bit, but only temporarily. In hindsight, I would liken it more to a feeling of ‘relief’ rather than peace, because those band-aids were really just offering me a break from a consistent, low-simmer feeling of unease.⠀

Today I am different. ⠀

What transpired to trigger this inverse switch between intermittent relief and predominant peace in my days?⠀

The (long) bridge was consistency to sustainability. I don’t hop from one quick-fix weight loss tactic to another. I don’t let my identity rest with a number on the scale. I don’t get caught in the minutia. ⠀

You see, short-term, pedal-to-the-medal efforts are great for fast results. But if you want to create lasting changes, you need to follow a plan that allows you to be sustainable and empowered in your choices.⠀

What happens at the end of your cut?⠀

How will you approach your next celebration?⠀

What happens every week when your family gets together for Sunday dinner?⠀

If you don’t have a sustainable way to execute in your best interests, then I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you are not creating habits necessary to KEEP your results. ⠀

I tell my clients, I don’t want you to do anything in a deficit that you can’t carry through your reverse and into maintenance. Because once the end of your cut rolls around, I want you to keep executing the same behaviors, but with more food freedom. ⠀

Food freedom does not translate to treating your body like a garbage disposal. ⠀

Food freedom does not mean you can forget about moderation or protein or micronutrients. ⠀

Food freedom does not unleash old habits from when you couldn’t lose fat. (That’s called a prison.)⠀

So play the long game. It’s going to take longer than you want it to, but when was the last time something worth having came easy? ⠀

You are in charge of creating the life that you want - so make sure your actions are checking the right boxes.⠀

More soon 💗 @biceps.after.babies

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