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Fight For What's Yours

Good Sunday morning! ⠀ While this feels more like a ‘Motivation Monday’ kind of post, I like to think of it in the context of living in a way that serves me every day, not just on a Monday. ⠀ Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Judged? Criticized for your efforts? How about all of the above.⠀ Generally when you stir something up in someone else it says a lot more about them than it does about you. ⠀ Not everyone will understand why you work so hard. Why you’re not satisfied with what you have. ⠀ Don’t worry about everyone. ⠀ Be great anyway. ⠀ You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion. ⠀ What do you do when you have a stage-five criticizer on site? ⠀ Let’s help each other out and share some suggestions to feel confident in how we show up for ourselves. I’ll share more in stories later!⠀

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