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FDOE - Full Day Of Eating

Ok wow, here it is. My first official Full Day of Eating shared - everything present accounted for. It’s so much harder than I thought to take a picture before diving into a meal!⠀ No joke it is A LOT of food and I need every bit of it. No shame in my volume game. For some, it would be exhausting to eat this often, but I have it in me 😜 Plus it is all pre-made so it’s just a matter of grabbing and occassionally heating!⠀ ...⠀ Breakfast:⠀ Oreo Pancakes with Double Stuffed Frosting: 333cals/38C/3F/37P (recipe still coming, promise!)⠀ Snack:⠀ Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip @g2gbar 300cals/25C/14F/18G ⠀ Lunch:⠀ Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake over butter lettuce + PB chocolate protein milkshake: 383cals/37C/8F/44P⠀ Snack: ⠀ Yogurt Bowl: 182cals/22C/1F/19P⠀ Dinner:⠀ Rainbow Chili over roasted broccoli: 327cals/44C/7F/26P⠀ Dessert:⠀ Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bar: 320cals/44C/26F/4P⠀ “Pre-workout” bedtime snack (since I train at 5am fasted):⠀ Chocolate Brownie Oats: 189cals/27C/3F/16P⠀ Lots of small meals keep me full, satisfied and fitting in whatever I feel like, even on the fly. Then on those days when I don’t have time for all of it, it’s easy to make any one of these meals more robust!⠀ To me, it’s not strange to put time and thought into making things just the way I like them. I want all the greens and all the chocolate. ⠀ It’s just how I like to eat.⠀ Anyone else eat this many times in one day? Or do you prefer 3-4 more substantial meals?⠀

October 21. 2019

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