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Even the fun stuff is hard sometimes

Today’s hike was Aspen Alley. ⠀

Rated moderate, which is accurate when you’re not carrying a 6 year old.⠀

This trail was intensely gorgeous and timed impeccably as the early sun streamed in through the newly-bare aspens.⠀

From where we parked, we ‘reverse hiked’ and descended the down to a windy, dust-swirling alley. We shivered over a quick snack, then as the wind picked up and the sky clouded over, we wanted to get moving since we knew the toughest part of the hike was still ahead.⠀

Poor Elle looks like she valiantly slid into home, but really took a hard trip on one of the exposed roots that our family not-so-affectionately calls ‘Samantha’ on these hikes. (If you saw Frozen 2 and recall Olaf encountering hilarious ‘obstacles’ through the enchanted woods, you understand this.)⠀

We only traded off carrying her for a short time but seeing the anguish in her sweet face makes my mama bear heart ache just a little too much. It was mentally hard for the older girls too, knowing that even as we got closer to our end point, the ascent up became steeper. ⠀

Rain and snow showers are forecasted for tonight. ⠀

We are leaving on Tuesday. ⠀

This could be our last hike, and while I hate to punctuate our trip with this one, I am reminded that we won’t remember these moments in a vacuum. ⠀

When we roll up all all our hikes and bikes and laughs and sights, what nets out is the experience. We never really know the value of a moment until it becomes part of the bigger memory. ⠀

As our trip is nearing its end, I am working hard to identify my own ‘big picture’ takeaways. I’ll share a post on those soon.⠀

Until then, off to make some final few memories with this awesome little family of mine. Hopefully 1 or 2 that will include some white stuff 🤞 Or maybe even a bear from a safe, indoor distance if I am really dreaming big.⠀

What does your Sunday have in store? Anyone else on their third cup of coffee like me?⛰🖤❄️⠀

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