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Enjoying Holiday Events

Well here we are! Congratulations on making it through Halloween 🖤 Did you win or did you learn? Maybe a little bit of both!⠀ With the onset of November, we are on the brink of parties, punch-bowls, platters and more cream-cheese dips than you can shake a stick at. ⠀ Much like striking a balance between comfort and style in choosing the right outfit, finding small measures that support our goals while still leaving space to enjoy the moment, will help immensely when navigating the parade of holiday parties! Here’s what I like to do...⠀ ✅Get a good nights sleep the night before; anytime you’re sleep deprived, your hormones are out of whack, which means it’s going to be a lot harder to mind your true hunger cues, already putting you at a disadvantage ⠀ ✅If you know you want to partake in your favorite cocktails and foods, plan your day accordingly by place-holding up to half your carbs and most of your fats to enjoy at the event; however do not starve yourself. This will backfire ☄️⠀ ✅Have a protein shake before you go; it’ll fill you up just enough to keep your mind right and prevent you from showing up in a famished state ⠀ ✅Show off one of your favorite macro-friendly dishes. I love bringing something simple like a pot of chili with all the best toppings⠀ ✅Pre-log something irresistible to look forward to once you return home - something way more enjoyable than those crappy pretzels or dry cookies you may otherwise find yourself mindlessly snacking on⠀ ✅Make a plan. Own it. Respect yourself by sticking to it!⠀ If your goal is to stay dialed in at the event:⠀ ✨Focus on the conversations⠀ ✨Take in the experience⠀ ✨Be the picture taker⠀ ✨Sip on club soda or zevia⠀ ✨Enjoy one plate of your favorites, then move on to enjoying the company ⠀ ✨Play with the dog (my personal favorite 🐶)⠀ Regardless of how the night unfolds, the next day:⠀ 👉Eat your next meal⠀ 👉Do your next workout⠀ 👉Change nothing in your routine⠀ 👉Send me a note to tell me how kick ass you feel 🙌⠀ While I am a big believer in moderation, it is also worth mentioning that there are certain days when you need to just let the important things be the important things ❤️💚

November 1, 2019

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