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Don't Look at the Trees

Someone much smarter than I am once told me ‘when you’re skiing, look at the ground don’t look at the trees’ and I think it has brilliant application to everything in life that starts out hard, but is worth it in the end.⠀ What that amounts to is, if you look directly at an obstacle, you’ll run into it, but if you focus your gaze on where you want to GO...well, then that is where you’ll land.⠀ Establish goal ✅ Encounter resistance ❌ But then what? ⠀ We can either fixate on challenges or we can find a way around them, even if it means fumbling through in the ugliest, most inefficient way possible. ⠀ In other words we figure shit out. ⠀ This little recipe book baby of mine is the result of so much messy, imperfect, emotionally-charged action that I can’t even remember what made me think it was a good idea in the first place. But I think it had something to do with being true to my most authentic self, which really didn't happen much before 40 years old.⠀ The good news is I am getting pretty comfortable with my flaws, and as this book goes live just hours before my 40th year comes a close, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to share something that has brought me so much abundance and joy.⠀ I hope it does the same for you and your family.⠀ You can access my Shopify store via the top link in my linktree or the resources tab on my website. I’ll also share plenty of swipe up links in my stories and in my Recipe Book highlight.⠀ Downloadable PDF: $30⠀ Downloadable PDF + Printed Copy (shipped free to those in the lower 48): $50⠀ Use code: THANKYOU to save 15% through March 21st.⠀ When you purchase either, you’ll immediately receive the downloadable PDF. The printed copy should arrive within 10 business days.⠀ I’ll also continue to share in stories and answer questions as they arise. ⠀ Additionally, I know there will be edits and apologies, but I’ll continue to pivot and correct, ensuring this book is everything to you that it I promise it to be.⠀ Thank you for all the encouragement and support.⠀ Warmly,⠀ Katie

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