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Date Night!!

Out of the blue date night happened last night and to enjoy our unanticipated alone time we went for, what else?! Mexican!⠀ Swipe to see what I had, and read on to see how it looked in the context of my day - remember, this dinner was unexpected so there was no ‘planning’ but that was no reason to miss this chance to enjoy the special time with my husband!⠀ I arrived starving and about 15 min ahead of him. I drank two cups of water before I even looked at the menu. Then, these incredible homemade chips and salsa came, and I ordered a hot cheese dip with some ground beef, guacamole and sour cream scooped over top - it was like a build your own nacho situation and I liked it so much more than the usual stack we order!⠀ I had 3-4 chips and scoopfuls of the dip, not really knowing what I would order on the menu.⠀ While I waited for my husband I started listening to this incredible audible recommended by @aleciajacobson called Do Less - more on this little gem as I get deeper...but it was a really nice way to pass the time and keep me from eating 200 chips and all the dip.⠀ Finally he arrived and we ordered entrees plus beef empanadas.⠀ I chose an Adobo Chicken burrito, but I asked for it to be ‘deconstructed’ and put over lettuce. I also left off the corn and sour cream because I don’t care about it. I make a point to only include the ingredients I love!⠀ In the end I ate almost everything served with the exception of most the the black beans. The rice was just so good that I filled up fast on that.⠀ Oh and the empanada was one of the best things I have put in my mouth I’m a long time. TOTALLY going back for that.⠀ How did I track? I did a quick add of 700 calories, mostly fat and carbs, and called it good enough. We don’t eat out much, so I am fine with this technique when we do!⠀ Pre-dinner I decided I would plan a light 200 calorie yogurt bowl before bed to help me pump the brakes. By eating mindfully, I could still look forward to that treat and not go to bed missing my dessert.⠀ Are you someone who manipulates the menu like I do? For me, this is absolutely something that has made eating out more easily in alignment with my goals!

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