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Cookie Maddness!

It’s cookie time!

Over here I need to get 72 cookies made, packaged and delivered in as many hours, so it’s go time.

Today I am making those requested by my kids - Monster Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms and Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. (I love ALL of those but I cannot stop thinking about the ❤️ Peppermint ❤️ Triple Chocolate Cookies I shared from the weekend!)

So while I am waiting for everything to cool, I’m thought I’d share my top FIVE cookie making tips. You know how I love convenience and efficiency, but I won’t settle for anything short of outstanding. So here is how all three of my must-have’s intersect in this process:

1. This tip is not number 1 by accident. If you have one, use your kitchen scale. Measuring this way eliminates the use of SO many additional measuring cups and bowls AND allows for precision, which matters in baking. I use a one cup size to pull all the ingredients out of their bags while they are on the scale, sometimes doing a quick rinse in between depending on the ingredient. I’ll never go back. My kids bake this way too and it’s amazing.

2. Chill your dough at least a half hour (more if the recipe calls for it) -even if the recipe doesn’t mention it. Not only will this bake a more cohesive and flavorful cookie, but it’ll give you time to clean up the countertop, so when you put the last tray in, the mess is behind you.

3. Wear an apron. WHY did I resist this for so long? The ability to wipe my hands all over my body is rather than constantly rinsing and drying saves me no less than 15 minutes and countless towels. Bonus points if you can wipe the counter down with said apron at the end!

4. Eat before you bake. Really. Like be super satisfied. If I were to try and squeeze in 6 dozen cookies between my workout and ANYTHING on my list, I guarantee half the dough would be gone before baking.

5. If you love the dough, eat the dough. If you love the baked cookies, eat those too. Practice self-trust and genuine presence. I promise it will bring you more joy than sneak-eating the cookies by yourself after you’ve resisted them. I have several sections in my book on how I did this for myself! Have you tried?

Please share your tips!

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