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Consistency Trumps Perfection 100% of the time

Sneak Peek 👀 into some coaching, on a conversation that cannot be overstated...

Client Email:

I have been on the cut for about 4 weeks now and I have been super great about following the macros and working out consistently. I have also been increasing daily activity throughout the day to make sure to get in more steps and walks.

I know I can definitely tighten up on weekend macros, but even with these changes, I haven’t seen much difference on the scale or the inches on my waist. I can definitely see a difference in my upper body and legs and know I hold weight on my mid-section. I am stuck at the 154-155 lbs range!! I had one day of 153.8, but haven’t gotten that low again.

Is there anything else I can do differently? Should I try cutting out dairy or gluten? Trying to be patient and not get discouraged bc I know my goal is long term progress with lasting results.”

👉I think we can all relate to this, right?

My response:

Thanks for the message! Nice work getting everything so dialed in and making some more lifestyle changes like walking, and tracking diligently throughout the week.

Before anything else, consider this; 90% accuracy is really the threshold for change. That is 27 out of 30 days of the month hitting your targets within 10 grams. You are saying the weekends are not as consistent; that would be about 8 days a month off, putting you at about 75% consistency.

So before you try to lower calories or increase movement, try 14-21 days of consistently hitting your targets within 10g. After that, let me know if the scale moves. I am sure you are still taking measurements and progress pics don't forget to asses those as they tell the story MUCH more accurately than the weight!

Bottom line: consistency trumps perfection every time. Which is why weaving flexibility (that 10%) into your sustainable, manageable practices are essential in a fat loss phase.

Have you been here? Have questions? Tell me about it!

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