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Coffee + Dogs + BAS = LIFE

If you’re new around here, there are a few things you should know about me:⠀ ❤️ I am obsessed with sunrise because it brings me so much peace and productivity⠀ 🧡 Coffee and dogs give me life and have never once asked for anything in return⠀ 💛 I really enjoy high volume food and appreciate my TSE (Time Spent Eating - another spot on acronym from @lorifitlife 🙌) ⠀ The last one above is one of the many reasons I incorporate a huge salad into my day. Besides the obvious benefits from the micronutrients and satiety, the ease and variety it offers me, make it the lunch I’ve had on repeat for months 🙌 ⠀ The ingredients may change, but never the formula:⠀ Layer 1: Greens + Dressing (right now I’m into @traderjoes butter lettuce + green goddess dressing)⠀ Layer 2: Steamed Riced Veggie (fall fave: butternut squash)⠀ Layer 3: Protein source (either a single pre-cooked ingredient or a chunk of a prepped dish)⠀ Layer 4: Fat source (a toasted @outeraislegourmet or crumbled @whispssnacks are my go-tos)⠀ Swipe to see an example, which includes @lillielovesmacros spaghetti squash casserole 💚⠀ I love the hot/cold combo, so I never prep the greens until my warm ingredients are ready to go. Then I mix and dice, because chopped salads are somehow superior to every other form, yes??⠀ While this takes just 5 minutes to make, as you can imagine, the TSE is about a half hour - and I love that. It forces me to slow down, enjoy the experience and set the rest and digest process in motion in my body. ⠀ This intentional practice actually gives me more bandwidth to get through my afternoon than if I was eating handfuls of junk over the sink or devouring a bar in the car - which from experience, I know will leave me hungry 30 minutes later and likely add up to even MORE calories than the salad.⠀ Ok, off to enjoy one more Big Ass Mug before I Get Shit Done this Saturday...what are your plans?!

October 5, 2019

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