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Cleaning Up Your Sleep Hygiene

Cleaning up my nightly routine meant massive improvements in my sleep quality and quantity. And talking it over with @lorifitlifereminded me I have some tips to share!⠀ 💤Most recently, I’ve switched my last meal of the night to something carb heavy in an effort to support my fasted morning training. I have this around 7pm and it for sure helps me sustain a deep sleep.⠀ 💤I turn on my do not disturb at 7:30 as I begin to my kids’ nighttime routine. I am off my devices for the night at this point, unless I initiate it - but the power rests with me and not a series of alerts from my phone. ⠀ 💤While I tend not to promote supplements, I want to be completely transparent, in that I do fall asleep usually 5 out of 7 nights a week with the help of @wmnutrition Sleep it Off. ⠀ It is described on their site as “an all natural sleep aid that reduces cortisol levels, helps balance hormones and promotes a more restful and deeper sleep, without groggy side affects in the morning” ⠀ The main ingredients are Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Magnesium and 3g of Melatonin; after about 30 minutes, this combination settles me into a peaceful and relaxed state. Shortly thereafter, I feel a pull to crawl into bed, that neither Netflix nor scrolling can rival. ⠀ For me, taking this pixie-stick like packet happens just before I begin to tuck my kids in. I pour it on my tongue, followed by a couple sips of water. You can also mix the two and consume that way. ⠀ Generally I am in bed at 8:30 and asleep, or at the very least lights out by 9. With this routine, I find myself waking up minutes before my alarm sounds, which is 4:20. ⠀ Weekends are slightly different and I don’t take the supplement, nor do I have any issues falling asleep. I do shift everything back by about an hour.⠀ While I don’t claim any of these tips to be best-practices they do work for me and support my early morning routine!⠀

October 8. 2019

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