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Checking in on 20201

Day 3 of the new year. How are we doing?⠀

My kids are staying up way too late and I haven’t washed my hair in a week! (Sorta feels like not much has changed since March)⠀

For the sake of my sanity however, all our interior Christmas is down, but I could leave these outside lights up forever.⠀

The freezing fog we’ve had the past few days has made everything look magical; like from a fairytale. And as much as I love happy endings, I also know that in real life, goals don’t hit themselves. ⠀

So whatever you’re aspiring to achieve this year, make sure you don’t disrespect your goals by neglecting the critical step of planning how you will reach them. ⠀

For me, this includes writing down process goals, or smaller daily actions that contribute in some way to the compass goal. This serves me a couple ways: ⠀

First, I get a big green check ✅ on the day and that feels amazing. Who doesn’t love to cross something off their list?⠀

Next, it helps solidify a new habit, making it easier to execute as time goes on. ⠀

Finally, like a spiral staircase, it is leading me to the top even if it feels like the same view day in and day out.⠀

A goal without a plan is just a fairytale. ⠀

If you’re like me and are inspired by tales of resilience, try looking inside. Be the hero that you are and save yourself. ⠀

A little heavy for day 3 of the new year? Meh, you can always go back to 2020 😉 ⠀

How do you plan to architect 2021? A million points awarded to anyone who has a plan right now 🙌⠀

And if you have no idea, saddle up partner, I am still working on mine too

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