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Change is inevitable. Growth is optional

I am very different than I was 3 years ago. ⠀

I no longer punish myself with exercise, believe more is better or consider ‘no rest days’ a badge of honor. ⠀

I also no longer feel the need to show up as a ‘perfect’ being.⠀

I’ve always been sensitive to others (maybe too much for my own good), but inspired by watching my daughters grow, I’ve done a lot of internal reflection and developed fierce empathy for myself.⠀

Most recently, I am able to recognize and name my immense privilege, and I am working to dismantle my own internal biases, and stay committed to sharing all of this with my kids.⠀

Through all of the shifts I shared, there were plenty of difficult moments. ⠀

Change is inevitable. I couldn’t stop it. But growth is optional.⠀

Current state of affairs: my body is changing, my priorities are shifting, my mind is expanding.⠀

I know I’ll look back at these healing weeks and months down the road and understand they had purpose.⠀

And when the next season of life begins to shape me as a human, I will again work hard so I can commit to embracing that transition, until I can eventually look over my shoulder and recognize it as growth. ⠀

Feeling sentimental today, I think the mountains pull it out of me. ⠀

Anyone else going through something of a transformation right now? What is it about Autumn? Please share if you’re comfortable, I’d love to hear ❤️ ⠀

It just seems like the perfect time to find beauty in change.⠀

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