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‘But my love, you already have.’

Today’s hike powered by @g2g bars and parental lies promising we were almost there.⠀

We went up Spruce Creek Trail to Mohawk Lakes and it was totally manageable for about 2.5 miles on the ascent. (Obligatory complaining about tripping over roots every 12 seconds aside.)⠀

That final push though...the only things that kept me going were wayward glances UP and a few silent prayers that no one lost their footing.⠀

But before I started making deals with God, about 1 hour in to the 4-hour, 6+ mile round trip, the kids figured out we were in fact NOT almost there. Which lead to a lot of talk on the way about ‘lies our brains tell us.’⠀

It truly is the proverbial last 10 minutes of winded breathing, 200 ft of elevation and stumbles to the summit that are the change-makers - in ALL goals we wish to accomplish. (Swipe to see some painful reality of not giving up today)⠀

How before you believe you can’t take one more step, you need to tap into your inner warrior, challenge your brain that will always prioritize the safety of comfort over challenge, and say not only YES I CAN, but YES I WILL.⠀

Feel the fear/pain/discomfort and do it anyway. ⠀

For us today, getting through that last excruciating half mile was the difference between seeing the distant ridge and imagining its beauty, and dipping our bare feet into the pristine lake while breathing in the air beyond the peak. ⠀

Welcome discomfort, both mental and physical to your space, my girls. With it comes pride, growth and confidence you cannot write a check for in this life.⠀

The experience of ascending 1500 feet in elevation to almost 13k into the atmosphere today sure feels like a reward worthy of its cost. ⠀

We left with our badges of honor; scraped ankles, bruised knees, road rash and possibly a broken toenail. ⠀

But also, I think we turned the dial just a little bit further outside our comfort zones, and accomplished something that changed us in a way nothing in Madison on a typical Wednesday would.⠀

Next time any one of my girls comes to me and says ‘I can’t...’ in an effort to side-step something hard, I will show them these pictures and say ‘but my love, you already have.’⠀

☀️ ⛰ ⠀

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