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A short tribute to my husband on his 45th!

Happy Birthday to the man who has conceded his special day to ‘Anna’s Birthday Eve’ for the past 11 years.⠀

That snowy night when we went to the hospital instead of Flemings for your celebratory steak dinner, our lives took on new meaning, and began to pace like time lapse video I am desperate to slow down.⠀

Your hair changes with each passing year but your steadfast patience, charm and love for our family never do. ⠀

Every single one of the most unforgettable, magical, meaningful moments in my life has included you. ⠀

You’ve done more good on this earth in your 45 years than most humans are capable of in a lifetime. ⠀

⠀HBD Wayne my main man. I’ll never change your contact name in my phone and I hope you’ll accept that as my own version of a ring tattoo. ⠀

Cheers...I’ll see you after the store closes, the snow is cleared, you re-landscape the outside of the house and help a baby deer find its way home. ⠀

I promise to always wait for you. Especially when there is 🎂

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