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A little more about me...

Hello friends both seasoned and new!⠀

If you’ve been following me for more than a couple weeks you probably know my ‘secrets.’ I am a pretty open book and very predictable in my habits. ⠀

But if you are new around here I want to start by saying WELCOME!! Thank you for taking the time to join me in this space! ⠀

Personally I thrive on being pretty boring (my kids would absolutely second this), but in the interest of getting to know each other, I’ll share a few of what I’d call ‘un-fun’ facts about me:⠀

❤️Coffee is my favorite. Recently I had to do some fasted bloodwork, and the ‘not eating’ discomfort passed after about 10 minutes. But the denial of my warm cup of morning coffee created some unnecessary drama when I told my husband I was probably dying. ⠀

🧡My best friend is our Golden Retriever, Redstone. He’s my shadow, my emotional support animal and never asks me for anything more than throwing his tennis ball infinity times a day. His love is the most uncomplicated I’ve ever known. ⠀

💛My husband is the most dedicated human, and I don’t know what fate lottery I won to snag him. Some days I wonder how much longer he’ll be willing to tolerate me. But that nice little tattooed ring on his finger is working in my favor for now.⠀

💚I love my work because it doesn’t feel like work. Connecting and talking about mindset and recipes and fitness has given me something new and nourishing to sink into since my youngest went to kindergarten. I had a really hard time finding my way that year.⠀

💙Despite all my efforts to find balance in my life, there is always something or someone who is getting less of me than deserved. This is currently one of my biggest struggles. ⠀

💜My daughters are Anna (my mini), Tess & Elle ⠀

🤍Turning 40 was the best year that ever happened to me. I hear 50 is pretty lit too.⠀

Ok, some fast-facts:⠀

🖤Mountains > beach⠀

🖤Chocolate > vanilla⠀

🖤Favorite music: country⠀

🖤Favorite drink: lemon-lime zevia⠀

🖤Favorite treat: chocolate ⠀

🖤Favorite indulgence: pizza⠀

🖤Favorite food: delicata squash⠀

Will you share something I don’t know about you with me??! 👇🙏

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