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A day in the life...

A written time lapse of my Monday morning:⁠


I have a gigantic case of the Monday’s.⁠

Fun food this weekend. Not enough sleep last night. Total sloth day on Sunday.⁠

Also it is currently -3* so really why should anyone have to get out of bed?⁠





One of my daughters is having a really hard time getting out the door. It pains me to see her struggle. ⁠

I help her slow down. Remind her it’s ok to not be on time. And to not be ‘fine.’⁠

There are *actually* no awards for perfect attendance.⁠





I’ve missed my training window. If I want to get it in, it’ll be contingent on many other factors later on in the day, so there is a 50/50 shot. ⁠

I am reminded on days like today how important it is to be flexible and grant ourselves grace. The same thing we would offer anyone else who wasn’t firing on all cylinders. ⁠

Give that gift to yourself too, Katie...and anyone else who needs to hear that.⁠





Now that I’ve accepted today will be what it is supposed to be, can we talk about the Jeep ad from last night?! Who else caught it, then was caught up in emotion?⁠

Did you have a favorite moment or ad or appetizer?? I’d love to know!

(And Congrats to Elle for winning the big ticket prize of $5 for sweeping the prop bet in our house 🎯⁠)




3:00 Friday Afternoon

All I got done today was an upper body lift, this selfie 🤳 and...⁠

🎉GETTING MY DAD HIS COVID VAX APPT! 🎈With that monumental weight lifted I am feeling LIFE today!⁠

About to pick up the girls and start enjoying the weekend. Our plans include exchanging family Valentines, Sunday dinner with my parents and avoiding windchills surpassing 30 below zero 🥶 ⁠

What does everyone have on tap for the weekend? ❤️

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